Leading fuel and aviation solutions provider World Fuel Services has made its mark on the Australian market since launching its physical assets there one year ago. This has built significantly upon the services it has offered for several years previous and is boosted through the acquisition of ExxonMobil’s aviation assets.

World Fuel Services has a long-standing global heritage, and its world-wide network spans more than 200 countries and 3,500 locations. The fuel and aviation provider works to support new models and growth across these. Recent developments in Europe have seen major airport expansions including the likes of TAG Farnborough Airport and Harrods FBO at Luton Airport in England, and Aéroport de Reims en Champagne and Épinal Mirecourt Aéroport in France.

In Australia, World Fuel Services provides services out of 17 sites and fuel at an additional 62 supply partner locations. Having been known for several years primarily for flight operator solutions such as card payment and trip support, World Fuel Services has since extended its global capabilities to its Australian airport customers to provide fuel logistics, digital tools, technical support, payment platforms and innovative pricing models.

World Fuel Services works closely to provide service excellence and stay ahead of global process requirements. As such, World Fuel Services is a member of industry associations like Australia Airports Association, Regional Aviation Association of Australia and global best practice governance body JIG.

This year will see World Fuel Services’ offering increase further with the launch of it latest innovation, a new iPad app, myWorld. The app consolidates fuel, flight planning, weather, airport search, and trip applications into a single user-friendly solution, providing another way for customers to consolidate the travel lifecycle.

World Fuel Services’ Davin Magee, Director Aviation Market Development, commented, “We’re proud of the way our services have grown and evolved with the Australian market. We have had a presence there for many years but since expanding to encompass our full solutions offering we have seen operations grow exponentially. World Fuel Services brings something different to aviation customers and discards the rigid solutions most fuel providers offer. By reworking traditional supply arrangements to provide quality, cost effective fuel to the end user, World Fuel Services is able to build a solution that looks and works exactly how the individual customer wants it to. This is what sets us apart and we endeavour to keep growing this in Australia and globally.”

About World Fuel Services Corporation

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, World Fuel Services is a global energy management company involved in providing energy procurement advisory services, supply fulfilment and transaction and payment management solutions to commercial and industrial customers, principally in the aviation, marine and land transportation industries. World Fuel Services sells fuel and delivers services to its clients at more than 8,000 locations in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. For more information, call 1800 319 479 or visit