Boys attending the Wednesday youth program at Open House Christian Involvement Centres in Macleod (Melbourne) got to go flying as part of a three-week aviation program run in August.

In the first week the boys studied aviation basics, including how planes fly and all the different employment opportunities across the sector.

The second week involved a visit to the Air Museum at Moorabbin and then a local flight in a 2016 model Cirrus SR22 piloted by aviation journalist Paul Southwick, and tour of a full motion simulator at Avia Aviation.

In the third week the boys visited the air traffic control museum at Essendon, a jet charter operation, and spent time listening to the control tower directing traffic.

“This is one of the most popular programs we have ever run – word spread fast and we started getting calls asking if it was really true,” says Brett Ross, who leads the youth mentoring program. “The smiles on the participants’ faces were matched only by the amazing views of the Mornington Peninsula beaches from the air.”

“That was such a great flight, I want to go up again,” remarked one of the participants, as his photo was taken sitting in the “captain’s” seat after the flight.

“A key aspect of the Open House friendship model is exposing participants to many different life experiences and opportunities,” says CEO, Paul Burgess. “We are blessed to have a pilot on the team who was able to run the program, and generous individuals and organisations in the community who support what we do.”

About Open House

Open House is a community based friendship organisation providing multiple programs for people of all ages and abilities, right through the week, from its Strathallan Road premises in Macleod, an outer suburb of Melbourne.